Modern Rustic

This bedroom leaves an impression of a private retreat and a perfect place to relax and rewind. Timber flooring, the bed frame, and the nightstands in the same timber finish blend together, creating the illusion of space and a floating bed that reinforces the welcoming nature of the room. Neutral earthy tones, textural wallpaper, and soft textures create a warm and put-together sophisticated ambiance.

Weathered metal, rustic influence and vintage pieces complement each other perfectly in this room, making a global design statement. Polished tiles and a white kitchen island bring the setting back to current times, rounding up this eclectic ambiance in perfect balance.

Beautiful grey herringbone tiles in this bathroom give an impression of materiality and texture creating a visually comforting and calming ambiance. Large-format floor tiles are simple and refined, easy to maintain and provide a clean and sophisticated look. Because of invisible breaks along the surface and fewer grout lines, they diminish visual clutter, giving an impression of neatness. Dark wood vanity beautifully complements the softness of herringbone tiles, making the ambiance warm and inviting.

A touch of eclectic mix in this living area playfully softens the contemporary approach. The sisal rug brings in an organic feel, zones the living area, and provides balance to the shine of polished tiles. Vintage-looking details and a statement chandelier draw the eye and create visual interest. The warm, atmospheric light from the vintage bulbs soothes the ambiance creating coziness in the nighttime.