Interior Design Services

Whether it’s a premium retail space, a new home build or renovation


Design the perfect home to suit your lifestyle. Space planning is at the core of the interior design process and ensures that your space works for you!

This step is done to create beautiful and practical solutions to achieve both the form and function of every room.

If you are renovating or building a new home, this service is recommended before you sign off on your builder or architect’s plans, to avoid making costly changes too late in the construction process.

Modern-Living- Room- style-Interior-design-by-Nancy-Malekpour- Sydney-NSW
Exterior- Scheme-style-Interior-design-by-Nancy-Malekpour- NSW- Sydney


Choosing exterior colours for your home is a big decision – and a complex one at that!

From paint colours to exterior textures and finishes, the choices are endless.

Nancy ensures that your personal taste, and colour choices complement the architecture of your home.

After all, the right choices can add value to your property … and most importantly, put a smile on your face each time you come home.


Nancy presents ideas to maximise your home’s interior colours, materials & finishes, to create a beautiful, seamless and visual continuity.

With inspiration from colour psychology and Feng Shui, together with your own tastes and reference points, she can help bring colour and texture to life in your space!

The use of colour and materials can make all the difference to any space and can really change the look and feel of a room; and can even create the illusion of space.

Modern- Bathroom- Interior-Design-Sydney- Nancy-Malekpour-NSW
Cosy-Lounge-blue-couch-Interior-design-by-Nancy-Malekpour- Sydney-NSW


Where to begin? This is where most people so often get stuck!

You may already have some great homeware and furniture that we can expand upon, or we can start from scratch to create a fresh, new look to the space or connecting areas.

For people who appreciate great design, and need a helping hand to create that dream look, Nancy will help you define your personal style, using colour schemes, furniture and accessories to maximise your space and its functionality.

This service is ideal if you really appreciate aesthetics, and want an expert design solution to help transform the interior of your home.

Choose from the following services to suit your needs and your budget

Know what you want, but want a second expert opinion and options?

Our Confirmation Consultation Service is ideal for people who have already selected the majority of their colour schemes, materials and finishes selection, but who want the reassurance of an interior designer’s expertise and professional advice.

Nancy will explain the concept of colour design principles and techniques, to ensure your selection of colour will work effectively toward the overall look and feel of your home or space, via a personalised online and face time consultation.

  • Online Interior Design Service
100% online service is an affordable way for busy people to get expert design consultation quickly and easily.

Nancy will assist you to refresh or transform your home with a personalised and convenient online approach.

Email your ideas, inspiration, colour choices, and plans – and receive personalised guidance toward the best solutions.

  • Full interior design service

Want a designer’s personalised guidance on the best colours, materials and finishes for your premium retail space, new home or renovation?

This is ideal for those don’t know where to start or who needs a little direction, and want the reassurance of a designer’s professional experience and advice.

Nancy will take walk with you upon your creative journey, and will guide you through the entire selection process.

This service includes an on-site consultation at your desired showroom or selection centre.