The moment you walk through the door of this beautiful home, you will be greeted with warmth and bold elegance. A generous foyer gives an impression of spaciousness, luxury, and open plan living with the grandiose staircase standing as the highlight of the space. This thoughtfully designed house is a blend of traditional refinement and modern fluidity. The meticulous design of this house will soothe the eye of any perfectionist. A gentle rhythm of symmetry, balancing shapes, colours and repetition create continuous flow and visual harmony. 

The dynamic of the white and black theme adds interest and entices clever design solutions. The synergy of bright coastal elegance and strong black statements is both the moment of surprise and the balancing point in this house. Instilling the natural warmth against the monochromatic scheme, a beautiful, polished bamboo timber flooring is a standout feature and a “common ground” throughout the space.

The hardwood flooring flows to all parts of the house, including the staircase, the upper floor and the outdoor area, creating the cohesiveness of the space. The landing area on the upper floor features a relaxing open lounge room that in the colour, pattern, and texture applications blends with the interior features and adds to the warm atmosphere.

The distinction of rhythm and warmth is not only the expression of interior aesthetics but the main characteristics of exterior features as well. By tying together architectural features and finishes and the interior ambiance in one continuous story, this house models continuity and harmony.