Alive and vibrant, this house is an expression of the elegant dance between a monochromatic scheme, a play of light and a sophisticated style. The functionality and the selection of materials reinforce the monochromatic palette yet allow each piece to stand out. The kitchen blends into the plan and offers an unpretentious yet elegant and highly functional setting. What is beautiful with a monochromatic palette, is that you can add colour at any time and refresh the ambiance. Striking in its approach yet structurally unobtrusive, the dark joinery accentuates the form and function, serving as the focal feature and drawing the eye.

There is a consistent flow throughout the house that is achieved through the harmonious applications of the non-colours and functional dynamics forming a balanced and pleasant living ambiance. The tone of elegance and luxury is achieved through the tasteful use of dramatic contrasts and fine textures.

Moreover, the balance between contemporary and Neo-Art-Deco styles, as well as between glossy and mat surfaces creates a liveable yet refined ambiance. The light and dark dynamics in the living area become a focus of attention in the evening, boasting sculptural pendant lighting and atmospheric illumination throughout. Lighting is a vital part of every successful interior design project; however, the playful dynamics of glossy finishes and monochromatic backdrop here, allow the lighting sources to create engaging interactions and dominate the atmosphere. This conceptual approach adds a layer of vibrancy and the glamour of the space.