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Nancy Malekpour-Nisyrios is the Founder and Lead Design Consultant of Design to Inspire. She has worked as a Senior Interior Designer for a leading NSW construction company for the past twelve years. During this time, she has completed over 100 display homes, many of which were named winners at the MBA “Excellence in Housing” Awards and the Housing Industry Association Awards. She has also overseen the successful development, implementation and management of an interior design workshop aimed at inspiring, educating and guiding clients on the implementation of effective design solutions.

Over the years, Nancy has demonstrated her versatility as a designer. She has worked with interiors of varying shapes, sizes and layouts and has developed a keen eye for space-optimisation and strategies geared to improve the overall look of any interior.

Nancy’s passion is to collaborate with her clients to create their dream projects, and her experience with one of Sydney’s residential building industry leaders exposed her to people from all walks of life, who are all seeking to create a space of their own.

She soon identified that in many cases, her client’s limited understanding of the building process created stress, confusion and frustration when faced with the plethora of decisions their projects required of them.

Nancy’s extensive research into client’s feedback led to the creation of a one on one program which facilitates learning and fosters awareness within the building and design framework. Nancy insists that she walks with her clients along their creative journey.

Her knowledge and application of Feng Shui and colour psychology also allow her to produce harmonious, pleasurable and functional designs. Nancy is very committed to working closely with her clients and tailoring design solutions that match their aesthetic needs while also suiting their budget and timeline.

Nancy’s holistic approach to design assures that every project is examined through the lens of all building industry disciplines because she believes that this ultimately leads to a quality outcome, and most importantly a satisfied client.

For inspiration, contact Nancy today to discuss your design needs 0401 050 755.

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