Inside-out, the refined contemporary ambiance in this home harmoniously plays with the flow of warm and cold, combining the timelessness of timber and the refinement of concrete details. The subtle undertone of formality gives way to refreshing moments of classic elegance and the ultimate functionality of minimalism.

The neutral colour scheme in the entry creates a warm and inviting ambiance while highlighting the strong presence of the generous timber staircase. Concrete tiles bring in a light-hearted feel and simplicity to the setting. Seamless interaction between warm and cold touches creates a harmonious blend.

The exterior appearance showcases an inviting ambiance with a strong modern definition that translates to the interior in a controlled dynamic. The rhythmic interaction of levels, finishes, and architectural features on the front façade communicate balance and harmony inside-out.

The crisp and fresh feel of this kitchen is a result of deliberate material choices, smart use of light and the functional use of the layout. Concrete-looking flooring, an abundance of natural light and the touch of greenery accentuate efficiency and simplicity.

Crisp-white glossy cabinets bounce light around and blend in with the same tone walls blurring the kitchen boundaries and enhancing spaciousness and brightness. The window backsplash invites the outdoors in, expands the communication to the exterior and stretches the feeling of space. The shiny surface of the quartz countertop matches the concrete tiles and grounds the whiteness of the setting.