Modern Classic

At the first glance, quite simple, but this elegant home office is carefully planned to the last detail.  The warmth of wood paired with a monochromatic scheme creates a sophisticated yet welcoming ambiance. An oversized window and the abundance of natural light play the main roles in this setting. The seating position overlooking the window uplifts the mood and is easy on the eyes during long work hours.  Furthermore, the absence of heavy furniture, clean lines, and a feeling of spaciousness give this working space a fertile ground for increased focus and productivity. Grounding timber flooring and wooden shelves soften the minimalistic edges bringing in a sense of comfort. By the window, a tranquil reading corner allows for cosy breaks between work with a cup of tea or coffee.

The open space layout in this living area creates effortless communication and a perfect setting for entertaining and family meals. The visual continuity between zones creates a sense of completion and cohesiveness. A spacious kitchen with a generous butler’s pantry is the heart of the space and a place of gathering. The dark joinery and furniture would dominate the space without the light flooring that prevents the heaviness to settle in, giving the whole setting a sense of fluidity. The monochromatic backdrop with sandy and taupe accents creates a comfortable and liveable ambiance. In the evening, this timeless space is washed by the special glow, when the lighting features create an atmospheric ambiance that brings out the glamourous obscurity.