The incredibly cool and serene ambiance in this house is captivating and all-consuming. The backdrop of whiteness creates a feeling of freshness and lightness allowing for the pendants, art and accessories to come to the fore and bring in the coastal serenity. 

Decorative elements throughout the home balance out the clean lines and purity of the white-on-white setting, adding textural interest and rawness into the play. The tranquillity that comes about calms the senses and evokes the true coastal living experience. The indoor living area seamlessly flows to the outdoor space gently blending in with the natural scenery.

Spaciousness, cleanliness, and cohesiveness with the natural elements of light and greenery make the atmosphere of this kitchen. The warmth of textures, gentle lighting and organic shapes soften the sterile effect of whiteness and make the space inviting and welcoming. The neutral floorboards are a vital feature in the entire house as they create consistency and flow throughout, grounding the brightness.

The rhythm of neutral flooring, bright features and textural coastal decorative elements repeat from room to room in a continuous flow, maintaining the theme of coolness and tranquillity.

The serenity of the concept is best visible in the bedrooms where the inviting softness of textures and materials with the calming effect of soft lighting and tranquil colour scheme creates incredibly relaxing settings.  All bedrooms in this house are the purest images of tranquillity.

A special role in this house belongs to lively greenery and neutral elements of wicker furniture and decorative objects. These carefully placed details joyfully and vibrantly uplift the space, weaving the delightful vibe of coastal coolness into every corner of the house.