Warm Minimalism

 Centuries ago, Leonardo Da Vinci stated that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These are the words to live and create by, and they served as an inspiration for our Warm Minimalism house. Here, white and black meet to create a gentle contrast on the background of lively neutrals. The play of patterns and textures gives this ambiance warmth and plenty of interest, avoiding the emptiness of minimalism in a large space while maintaining clean lines and simplicity. Neutral yet engaging tiles in the kitchen ground and complement crisp white and glossy cabinets and countertops. The dark features are welcome contrasts that settle the eye and add rhythm to the space.

The theme of engaging neutral tiles in chevron and stucco patterns against dark and crisp white vanities continues to the bathroom keeping the consistent visual flow throughout the space and creating overall harmony.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, features a more intimate ambiance, with dark wooden floors setting the base for layers of comfort. The base rug, the lush curtains, and the soft lighting create an inviting and relaxing feel. 

Exquisite dark wooden stairs and elegant room divider, as well as the joinery, create an outstanding tone in the foyer, highlighting the sophistication of simple forms.

The combination of two basic non-colours in the lounge, white and black against the neutral backdrop creates a balanced setting and makes a statement of a timeless classic.  Comfort and warmth are achieved through soft textiles, neutral tones, and warm lighting.