With the white façade and touches of stone and warm timber, the exterior subtly hints at what is hiding behind the front door. The ambiance inside is built around soft edges, clean lines and curved elements drawing you into a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere. Inspired by the soft coastal breeze and the hints of the safari, the interior features a laid-back style with quirky moments.

Timber floorboards ground the space allowing the furniture setting to float creating the feeling of spaciousness and lightness. The natural materials, greenery and window backsplash in breezy white kitchen invite the outdoors in.

In the formal living room, the sense of connection with nature and the outdoors continues with rustic textural details throughout. An eye-catching handmade boat-shaped coffee table makes a unique centrepiece. All art and decorative details complement and uplift the theme and the ambiance of the home.

The long hallway feels vibrant with the backdrop timber paneling that softens the wall and adds interest and movement to the otherwise long and monotonous space. A generous master bedroom is warm and inviting, allowing for plenty of space to unwind after a long day. Other bedrooms boast a playful atmosphere featuring warm earthy tones and creative safari-inspired décor.

An abundance of natural materials and textures inside and outside creates both visual and tactile comfort, paying homage to the coastal location and all its advantages. Full of colour and different seating settings, Alfresco cannot be more inviting. The use of white rattan and timber chairs reinforces the breezy coastal feel. Even the dining seating has a casual feel instead of formal, and cosy oversized lounges create instant comfort.