Modern Hamptons Style House

Interior design for the modern Hamptons style house can easily be created in your home through the use of an elegant colour palette including shades of whites, blues and neutrals with stripes and two-tone florals featuring and the use of natural textures like jute, rattan, and linen. The Hamptons has been a popular design style for many years now, inspired by the light, bright and breezy style of holiday homes on the East End of New York’s Long Island. The traditional Hamptons style is now shifting away from the all-white coastal design and moving towards a more refined, darker and moodier Modern Hamptons style creating an understated sense of elegance and relaxation. Here are a few of Design to Inspire’s style ideas to show how you can achieve this much-desired look and feel that suits the Australian lifestyle so well.

Interior Design Guide for the Modern Hamptons Style House

Modern Hamptons Sitting Room

Designed to feel like a tranquil hideaway this private sitting room offers a quiet reprieve to all who seek it. Soft greys, navy blues and hints of crisp white infuse the palette and create a peaceful, refreshing atmosphere. While the colours work to soothe, the furnishings exude comfort.

The L-shaped sofa and plush ottoman radiate with a sink-in feel that instantly inspires one to take a seat, put their feet up and indulge in some much-needed R&R.

The large glass window dressed with sheer billowy curtains, candle-inspired pendant and elegant floor lamp all offer a variety of lighting options to suit any mood.

The woven cream rug adds textures underfoot and ties the space together with a light and airy feel. Whether it’s for the whole day or just an hour, this room is the perfect place to curl up with a good book and forget the demands of daily life.

Modern Hamptons Sitting Room

Modern Hamptons Sitting Room

Modern Hamptons Kitchen/living/dining

Elegant and charming, this open plan living space takes the breezy sophistication of Hamptons-style living and infuses it with charismatic soulfulness. Sweeping floorboards in a dark charcoal finish used throughout add contrast and warmth to the neutral colour palette. This visual interest continues as white timber wainscoting skirts the soft grey walls and compliments the shaker-style cabinetry chosen for the kitchen.

The layering of organic textural accents, such as rattan, fur, deep-sea corals and floral-inspired prints ignite the senses and bring calming cohesion and familiarity to the space.

Large glass doors and windows allow natural light to flood the kitchen and dining, playing beautifully against the rustic finish of the recycled timber dining table. As the sun sets, the pendant lighting above takes the reigns and highlights the table in a candle-inspired glow fit for any dinner party.

The kitchen showcases an impressive granite island bench that is both stylish and functional. An amplitude of storage lends itself to the clever inclusion of drawers while the sweeping grey vein that runs water-like, toward the floor, captures the eye and the imagination.

The three-seater sofas located in the intimate sitting room are adorned with the same subtle flair. The soft grey canvas blends with the walls above while the wide chequered print adds personality and beckons the occupants of the home and their guests to sit, unwind and socialise.

The epitome of laid-back luxury, this space truly welcomes all to the heart and soul of the home.

Modern Hamptons style kitchen

Modern Hamptons style kitchen

Modern Hamptons Style Dining room

Modern Hamptons Style Dining Room

Hamptons style kitchen/dining room

Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen/Dining Room

Hamptons style kitchen/living/dining room

Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen/Living/Dining Rooms

Modern Hamptons Home Office

Stylish and sophisticated, this home office makes a stunning addition to the entry of the home. Textured walls dressed in white timber panelling and woven grey wallpaper work alongside the elegant staircase to frame the space. A large window dressed in floating curtains allows a flood of filtered sunlight to wash over the area, while additional lighting is added through linen-shaded floor lamps and ceiling lights.

Furniture has been limited to key pieces to create a practical, clutter-free workspace. A freestanding charcoal desk centres the room mirroring the sleek lines of the staircase beside it, while the plush occasional chair upholstered in a steel blue chenille weave provides a welcome spot for avid readers.

Tying the look together is a monochrome palette that is accented beautifully by the trio of black and white classic car prints that adorn the otherwise bare walls. The overall effect is a smart and accessible home office that makes paying the bills and catching up on paperwork feel like a breeze.

Hamptons Style Home Office

Modern Hamptons Style Home Office

Modern Hamptons Powder Room

Chic, polished and classy, this powder room is sure to dazzle guests with its ultra-luxe styling. Black wall tiles make a bold and sophisticated statement and provide the perfect backdrop for the hexagonal feature tile to pop. Running along the floor and up the shower wall, this textured pewter tile shimmers beneath the downlights and instantly opens up the space.

The vanity bench and cabinetry have been painted black to give the impression of a floating sink without compromising on storage. The simple glass shower screen, chrome fixtures and subdued lighting bring refinement and balance to the design.

To complete the look, a round frameless mirror hangs above the vanity, contrasting beautifully against the geometric lines of the feature tiles. The overall effect is a wonderfully unique and trés stylish room to powder one’s nose in.

Hamptons Bathroom

Modern Hamptons Style Bathroom

Want your very own Modern Hamptons Style House?

If you are looking to incorporate Modern Hamptons interior design style in your house, Nancy can help you achieve your dream home whether you are building a brand new house, renovating your property or just refreshing rooms in your home. For all your Interior Design needs and modern Hamptons style decorating, contact Nancy who is an expert in exterior and interior colour consultation, floor space planning and styling. 

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