Timeless Refinement

Earthy tones and dark colour schemes in this space work exquisitely in contrast with the bright influence of the outdoors. The living area is seamlessly connected to the elegant outdoor area, both functionally and visually. A statement feature, mirror backsplash in the dark modern kitchen boasts attractive foliage, allowing the outdoor to flow in and uplift the earthy tones. In addition, the ample amount of daylight bounces of the glossy finishes and floor tiles, creating an impression of spaciousness and brightness. Here, the dark colour scheme serves as a soothing factor to dim down the effect of brightness and to create a comfortable living environment.

The repetition of colour, tones, and materials in this space creates a rhythmic balance which results in a unique and harmonized space. The forms in every zone are strategically applied and re-applied to create a unique dynamic but to still distinguish the functions. Using lighter coloured seatings to contrast the dark tiles, the living and dining areas are separated, and they stand out, yet the decorative patterns, the lighting, and the textures repeat to prevent the disruption in visual flow. 

The sense of symmetry and completion rounds up the atmosphere in the living and kitchen area, with the dazzling chandeliers in the spotlight. Obscured tones, understated luxury, and refined finishes consistently flow through all areas of the house, leaving a signature of timeless elegance. 

The underline of brown and sandy hues, captivating decor, and comfort as a statement feature, weave throughout the residence creating an impressive style that will stand the test of time.