House entrance design ideas need significant consideration as the front entry to our homes are the first place we have to make a first impression. Have you ever noticed how when we visit someone or someone visit us in our home, there is always a moment of lingering at the house entrance? Whether we are saying our hellos or goodbyes, we rarely rush through the entry area. The house entrance is a place of greeting, exchanging hugs and expressing our welcome to our guests. This is the area where our intention of making our friends and family feel appreciated and comfortable is initiated.

Does your house entrance design contribute to your and your visitors’ comfort? Is it a pleasant area?  Is it wide enough? Are the shoes tucked away out of sight or scattered around? Does it feel inviting?

With house entrance design ideas, the layout, design and atmosphere of your entry area will make a strong first impression of your home and give a hint of what is coming next. At Design to Inspire we know that when done properly,  the entry area will set the tone for the rest of the home.

Every aspect, from the scale to functionality and aesthetics needs to be perfectly balanced in the house entrance design. As a point of first impression, the entry hall needs to showcase character while seamlessly complimenting and subtly introducing the overall house personality.

If you use your garage or side doors to enter the house, which is very common, pay attention to this area and make it functional and practical as well. From Feng Shui perspective, it is important to use your formal front door as often as possible to avoid stagnation of energy. 


In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most important factors in your home. It is through the front doors that a house absorbs its Qi, the universal energy that complements the positive energy inside our bodies and contributes to our well-being. When space has a smooth Qi flow, people who live in the house experience a better quality of life. Think of an entrance as the vibe you get when you first meet someone; you want to make a pleasant first impression and create a welcoming atmosphere.

We often interrupt the pace and the flow of Qi in the entryway with piles of shoes, jackets, bags, and all kinds of clutter. Moreover, chaos and mess in our home impact our state of mind as well. If clutter is the first thing we encounter when stepping foot into our home, and it reminds us how unorganised we are- what kind of mood are we bringing in?

Your home should be your peaceful oasis, a sanctuary that envokes feelings of ease and wellbeing. In Feng Shui, If there is a tendency in certain areas of your home to accumulate clutter and cause a build-up of frustration, this sector may be connected with a less functioning area of your life that needs to be addressed.

Entrance Front Door
Hallway Entry

Before it enters through the main door, Qi is drawn to inviting and welcoming entryways. Make sure the pathway to your front door is attractive, uncluttered and well lit. A clean front door welcomes positive energy into your home. Wipe the hinges, knobs and frame, and swipe in front of your front doors regularly. Also, when first moving into a new home, it is important to wash the doors and entrance well to eliminate any stale energy. Create balance and symmetry with potted plants and invest in a new mat to welcome fresh new energy and opportunities.

The main door (as well as all the other doors in the house) should open into the space,   to allow Qi to freely flow in. If the entry hall is small and cramped install bright light, and use a large mirror to visually enlarge the space, but make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect the door.  Avoid, placing the mirror directly opposite the main door, as this will reflect the Qi right back. Instead hang the mirror on the wall along the hallway, especially if the hall is long and narrow; it will visually open up space and slow the Qi from rushing through.  Beautiful lighting fixtures and fresh flowers or a potted plant will add balance between Yin and Yang and create an inviting mood that will reflect in other areas of the house as well.

The main door should always be the largest in the house to support your visions and ambitions. To make sure that Qi is encouraged to flow in use the main house doors as much as possible. Keep in mind these rules especially if you have a habit of using back or garage doors to enter your home more frequently.

Depending on the direction your house is facing and the element that direction is associated with, you can choose to paint the front door in the associated colour and additionally activate the benefits of that direction. However, unless it is bright red, the colour is a weak form of an element in Feng Shui and you should only use this method if the particular colour complements and enhances the visual impression of the house.  South is linked to Fire elements, and colours that activate that sector are red, orange and purple tones, and while North is ruled by the Water element which is activated with blue and black shades, mirrors or water features. West and Northwest are governed by Metal, hence all silver, greys, whites and metallic shades will complement the door facing these directions. East and Southeast belong to Wood which enjoys leafy greens and light blue shades and, of course, all wooden finishes. If your entry is facing South-West or North-East, these are Earth’s directions and relate to rich yellow and orange tones, terracotta shades, and browns.

It is important to point out that the Feng Shui approach and cures depend on the individual situation, the surroundings of the house,  and above aa, the Flying Stars aspects. Flying Star is the oldest and most significant Feng Shui method used to determine dominant energies within the property. Every house along with its current residents carries a unique energetic signature that can only be explored and explained by a qualified Feng Shui practitioner.

Nancy Malekpour is experienced in creating inviting entrances to homes, with function and form whilst following good design principals to make a great first impression. Contact Nancy today to discuss front entry decorating ideas for your home.

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