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With my help you’ll get it right first time. I can help you create the perfect colour scheme for your home so it looks great and reflects your own style.
Are you …..
– Building or buying and want a colour scheme that’s individual and makes your home look great inside & out
– Repainting and need an updated colour scheme that works with your furniture and fittings
– Renovating or extending and want to tie in your new colour scheme with the rest of your home
– Selling and need a colour scheme that has broad appeal
As part of your consultation, I will …..
– Listen to your ideas and concerns
– Help you identify your colour preferences
– Provide you with two or three colour schemes that match your personal taste and home’s style
– Help you decide on the final colour scheme that’s perfect for you and your home

Exterior colours

Choosing the exterior colour scheme can be challenging because there are so many elements to consider, such as roofing colour, guttering, fascia, powder coated window frames, paving, decorative motifs, render, balustrades and the list goes on. Nancy can assist you to breeze your way through this decision-making process by viewing and analysing at your project and offering a holistic scheme to bring it all together, from warm neutrals to a stunning & dramatic contrast.

Interior finishes

Complete service to bring to life your entire interior concept. Floor coverings, stone bench tops, kitchen doors, splash backs, wall/ceiling colour and bathroom tiles. Nancy specialises in the key areas that can really make a difference to the complete look of any project.

Interior colour schemes

Colour can make all the difference to any space and can change a room as well as altering how you FEEL about the room.

It can also define where one space ends and another begins, by adding definition to any area. For example, colour gives the illusion of space, making the room appear larger, or even smaller if desired.

Property Styling

Creating an emotional connection to your home is hugely important. From the moment a potential buyer steps through your front door, you need to have their attention. Why? Because as any real estate agent will tell you, the purchase of a home is usually an ‘emotional’ one. Using a range of presentation techniques to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers, styling can provide a substantial boost to the value of your home. A colour scheme alone can broaden your appeal and can transform a home into that encourages your buyers to imagine living in and enjoying the space as their own.

Furniture is a functional and aesthetic aspect to any interior and must complement the overall style of the home, and is useful in creating functionality and purpose to any given room. This means analysing the interior layout of the home, and by initially decluttering, we can begin to rearrange and remove furniture to create rooms that are open, inviting and practical. This could provide you with an edge in a competitive market and maximise your property’s value, and thereby ultimately achieving your desired sale price.

Space planning

Space planning is the core aspect of the interior design process, and can have a significant effect on the functional success of a room. To create maximum impact, interior space planning requires that we ask the following questions:

What are the functions of this room? Does it need to be multi-functional?

How many people will be using the space and for what purposes?

What existing furniture do you have and would still like to use?

How do you want the room to feel? Open and airy, cozy and warm, peaceful?

How much natural light is available and what kind of lighting will be needed?

What are the focal points of the room and how can you make the most of them?

Do you need to create focal points?

Do you like balance and symmetry, eccentricity, or a combination of these?

Interior Decorating

Where to begin?  This is where most people so often get stuck! You may already have the basics, but are unsure what of is needed to complete the look of the room. Interiors must stand the test of time. When it comes to creating spaces, timelessness is key!

Once the space planning stage has been established, we begin to fill the space by introducing furniture, soft furnishings (cushions, ottomans, throws, rugs) to create pattern and texture, art for visual enhancement and accessories to complete the look and style of the room. Lighting is also an ambient feature which helps to balance to create the room. Curtains, blinds and shutters are also an option to assist with light blocking or light filtering. Incorporating wallpaper can create warmth and adds height and width, as well as the benefit of hiding any room imperfections.

Project Management/Renovations

Whether you plan to renovate, build or simply update the look of your home, we will give you peace of mind throughout your renovation journey. We pride ourselves on working with our clients and always have your vision at the forefront of our project design and implementation solutions and strategies.

Our team of experts can project manage your renovation, and integrity is our core value. This is why we will provide you with you a realistic completion date so you can feel rest assured.