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Colour can make all the difference.

It can be a quick & easy change for a space as well as altering how you feel about the room

The consultations are designed to help and guide you through the process of choosing the right colours for your home, that matches all elements of your home and that suit your style and taste. This is very beneficial to those who appreciate design principles and techniques to get the best results. Making sure that all the finishes & colours work together in harmony

From warm neutrals to a stunning & dramatic contrast, I can help you discover what colour scheme works best for your home. Book your consultation to determine which palette works best for you & your family

“When you are inspired – you are inspirit”

Create maximum impact

“With my help you’ll get it right the first time. I can help you create the perfect colour scheme for your home so it looks great and reflects your own style.”

Are you …..

– Building or buying and want a colour scheme that’s individual and makes your home look great inside & out?

– Repainting and need an updated colour scheme that works with your furniture and fittings?

– Renovating or extending and want to tie in your new colour scheme with the rest of your home?

– Selling and need a colour scheme that has broad appeal?

As part of your consultation, I will …..

– Listen to your ideas and concerns;

– Help you identify your colour preferences;

– Provide you with two or three colour schemes that match your personal taste and home’s style;

– Help you decide on the final colour scheme that’s perfect for you and your home.

Nancy’s Philosophy

My belief is ‘when you are in spirit – you are inspired’. My aim is to create and implement tailored design and decorating solutions that are inspirational, distinctive – yet practical.

I believe in providing clients with opportunities to create their own vision by offering a range of furniture, colour, textures and patterns. I endeavour to create something which is appealing to the eye, the sense of touch and emotions. Through my designs, I aim to be impressive and distinctive but also practical. I believe that being at home or in the office should be a pleasurable experience.

Unique design solutions using a mix of my own imagination and creation will also be included. Overall a timeless elegance will be created and sustained by tailoring the design solution to the client’s lifestyle. Every home, office or dwelling will be viewed as an opportunity to breathe and inspire life into it and in essence create a unique personality and atmosphere.